The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is reportedly sending taxpayers audit requests asking those who have held cryptocurrencies to disclose their trading activity.

  • SARS has sent the requests to a number of taxpayers who, in turn, contacted professional tax services firm Tax Consulting South Africa, reported local IT news site MyBroadband on Tuesday.
  • Responding taxpayers need to provide the reasons for buying cryptocurrency, as well as details of any exchanges from trading platforms and bank statements.
  • According to the tax consultancy, SARS’ action means the government is cracking down on non-compliant cryptocurrency traders in the nation.
  • “It is feasible to understand that SARS is in the process of ensnaring culpable taxpayers who have not disclosed their cryptocurrency-related trading profits and or losses,” the firm said in the report.
  • In recent news, South Africa’s financial market regulator is reportedly seeking greater oversight of the cryptocurrency trading industry following the collapse of a bitcoin company alleged to have been the nation’s biggest Ponzi scheme.